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Imagining Image Reasons

A small camera can take a big picture. A nearly normal photographer can create a super-normal image. There are way more than 111 Methods Of PHOTOGRAPHY Domination.


Capture a Visual Now

Beautiful Photography. If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your PHOTOGRAPHY Philosophy Now!

Why My PHOTOGRAPHY Is Better Than Yours

This is the Biggest LIE In Photography!
Don't Be Fooled By photograpic snobbery,
that is not what you life is about.
Make the images YOU want.


Shoot what you want, when you want 

Shoot Often
Challenge Yourself
Be Creative
Don't Give Up
Don't Give In 


Always be Improving

Critique your photos
Ask others
Flip your image and re-asess your opinion
See your photo in Black and White
Keep the very best, dump the rest
Join a photo club


Be Passionate and Honest

Want it to happen
Want it to be great
Don't accept less